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SvetLANA Chekhlataya

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Empowering people to showcase their true selves to the world, enabling them to be seen and appreciated for who they truly are

Personal portrait




Personal photo shoot in London


For everyone who'd like to have sincere and genuine portraits


Portrait session takes an hour and costs £250,

the price includes 7 portraits to choose from a private gallery with an option to purchase additional pictures


Let me know your story and we will create a beautiful series of pictures about you!


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What clients say

You've photographed me before, it is not our first time, and it's always been great, but now it's something special, and it seems like it came at just the right time.

Something has changed in me, Sveta. Something remains the same, but something has also changed. The woman inside me wants to come out, and it's so wonderful for me to watch her. It's so beautiful that I'm in tears. Thank you, it's a real gift


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Dear Sveta, thank you so much for the photo shoot, thanks to which not only I, but also many other people saw me as I am, without masks, filters, restraint, and closedness! After all, a great portrait is a union of both the photographer and the person being photographed!


You are not just a professional, you allow a person who enters your lens to reveal themselves and believe that both the one taking the photo and the one being photographed can see a beautiful picture!


Thank you very much, and I hope for the opportunity to continue working with you!



Oh I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! You are so good! I like all of them and that NEVER happens. This is so special. Thank you! 


I love them so, so much!!! Can’t thank you enough. I can’t decide which ones I love more!! You’re so talented. Best photos ever taken of me ❤️


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