Personal branding photo shoot
for yoga & meditation teacher

Meet Julie, the awesome yoga teacher who I recently had the pleasure of working with on a photo shoot.


Julie had just started her yoga practice and was looking to update her blog with some new and exciting photos. As a photographer, I was thrilled to collaborate with Julie and help bring her vision to life through stunning imagery. 

As a photographer, my primary objective was to capture the essence of Julie's personality through my photos, which highlighted her as a caring and soulful yoga teacher.


It was evident to me that Julie is not only a highly professional but also an incredible human being who is dedicated to her practice and her students. We worked to create a collection of photos that not only showcased Julie's impressive skills as a yoga teacher but also captured the warmth and compassion that she exudes.


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Julie and to witness her passion for yoga firsthand!


Portrait photo shoot in London

For everyone who loves sincere and genuine portraits. 


Portrait session usually takes an hour and costs £250,

the price includes 7 portraits to choose from a private gallery.


Let me know your story and we will create a beautiful series of pictures about you!


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